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The Houston Area Women's Center

General Information


Job title: Human Resource Generalist
Job location: Houston, TX 77019 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 04/22/14
Job type: Full-Time

Job Classification

Job Category:HR Generalist

Job Description

Job description:

Performs human resources duties at the professional level in some or all of the following functional areas: recruitment, selection and on-boarding, benefits enrollment and administration, employee relations, training and employee communication. This position requires an extremely perceptive person who is capable of relating to individuals at all levels within the agency and will not breach confidentiality


• Develop or implement recruiting strategies to meet current or anticipated staffing needs.
• Perform searches for qualified job candidates, using sources such as computer databases, networking, Internet recruiting resources, media advertisements, job fairs, recruiting firms, or employee referrals.
• Evaluate recruitment or selection criteria to ensure conformance to professional, statistical, or testing standards, recommending revisions, as needed.
• Review employment applications and job orders to match applicants with job requirements, referring qualified applicants to hiring managers and making hiring recommendations as appropriate.
• Schedule and/or administer any skill testing related to employment, partnering with hiring managers to develop the test as needed.
• Evaluate selection or testing techniques by conducting research or follow-up activities and conferring with management or supervisory personnel.
• Inform job applicants of details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, schedules, working conditions, agency philosophy and goals and promotion opportunities.
• Contact job applicants to inform them of the status of their applications.
• Conduct reference or background checks on job applicants.
• Coordinate with outside staffing agencies to secure temporary employees, based on departmental needs.
• Responsible for preparing and maintaining employment records related to events such as hiring, termination, leaves, transfers, or promotions, using human resources management system software, working closing with the HR Assistant to ensure timely and accurate processing.
• Maintain current knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and other applicable employment laws and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); complete the annual EEO-1 report.
• Confer with management to develop or implement personnel policies or procedures.
• Interpret and explain human resources policies, procedures, laws, standards, or regulations.

• Partner with VP of Human Resources to address employee relations issues, such as harassment allegations, complaints regarding terms and conditions of employment, or other employee concerns.
• Provide management with information or training related to interviewing, performance appraisals, counseling techniques, or documentation of performance issues.
• Advise management on organizing, preparing, or implementing recruiting or retention programs.
• Develop and facilitate employee training, including new employee orientations.
• Maintain and update human resources documents, such as organizational charts, employee handbooks, or performance evaluation forms.
• Conduct exit interviews and ensure that necessary employment termination paperwork is completed, including Cobra notifications.
• Partner with the Vice President of Human Resources to respond to unemployment claims and workplace injuries, assisting in preparations for any necessary hearings and participating as appropriate.
• Responsible for ensuring compliance and updating I-9 eligibility documentation; ensures employees files are appropriately documented for audit by grantors and other entities. Partners with HR assistant to ensure updates of E-Verify system and OAG (Office of the Attorney Genera website).
• Present benefit enrollment options to new employees and enroll employees’ benefits with providers and in HRIS system during new hire and open enrollment.
• Reconcile monthly benefit invoices with HRIS system and submit to Accounting department for payment.
• Be the point of contact for HR related questions from staff regarding benefits, 401k, employee issues, etc.
• Partner with VP of Human Resources on 401k inquiries and annual audit.
• Analyze employment and benefits-related data and prepare required reports. Partner with external insurance brokers.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Business Administration or Human Resources Management required (equivalent experience accepted)


  • Minimum of five (5) years directly related human resource experience
  • Minimum of two (2) years of leadership experience, preferably in a non-profit agency
  • Demonstrated progressive responsibilities, with an emphasis on decision making required


  • Demonstrated knowledge of employment law
  • Ability to use critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels and from all backgrounds; the ability to exercise tact and diplomacy
  • Ability to utilize good judgment consistent with Human Resource best practices, employment laws and regulations, agency policies and procedures
  • Ability to maintain sensitive employee information in confidence
  • Ability to exercise a high level of initiative and self-motivation
  • Demonstrated regard for transparency and accountability; willingness to set and adhere to high standards of conduct
  • Commitment to the mission of the organization and to generating support for its programs and services

    Computer Skills:

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office - Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook
  • Working knowledge of HR/Payroll software

    Certificates & Licenses:

    PHR certification preferred


    • Accountability - Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.
    • Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly.
    • Adaptability - Ability to adapt to change in the workplace.
    • Analytical Skills - Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
    • Communication, Oral and Written - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word; ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
    • Coaching and Development - Ability to provide guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas.
    • Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
    • Diversity Oriented - Ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities; ability to support the diversity goals of the agency
    • Enthusiastic - Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task.
    • Ethical - Ability to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards.
    • Goal Oriented - Ability to focus on a goal and obtain a pre-determined result.
    • Initiative - Ability to make decisions or take actions to solve a problem or reach a goal.
    • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task.
    • Relationship Building - Ability to effectively build relationships with customers and co-workers.

    Other Requirements

    1) Understanding and sensitivity towards the issues of sexual and domestic violence.
    2) Texas driver’s license with a good driving record; ability to travel to events at off-site locations utilizing personal transportation.
    3) Ability and willingness to work evenings and week-ends as needed
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